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Last updated: December 4, 2014 at 22:08 pm
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Date: 13 – 14 December 2014, 7:30pm both nights plus a 2:30pm matinee on the 14th
Location: Chadwick Building, Room G08, UCL
Tickets: £3


Dr. Faustus is Christopher Marlowe’s famous interpretation of the classical Germanic legend of Faust, the tale of a scholar who signs his soul to the Devil in return for infinite knowledge, personal service by the demon Mephistopheles and ability to practise black magic – including the art of necromancy. Faustus rejects the worldly wisdom of literary and religious figures such as Aristotle and Jerome, defies the will of God and abandons his study to pursue instead a life of pleasure and near-omnipotence. Meanwhile, Faustus’ servant Wagner enlists the help of two young ruffians, who steal a book of black magic and wreak havoc in Wittenberg.


With his hellish accomplice Mephistopheles, Faustus travels the globe from the Vatican to the Holy Roman Empire in search of chaos to cause or magical wonders to display. He is given 24 years to live in such a manner, before his soul will be taken by Lucifer – all the while, Faustus is physically torn between a damned continuance of this luxury, or a full repentance and submission to the will of God. Marlowe’s tale is one of tragedy, comedy, satire, philosophy, and the continual struggle between Good and Evil within ourselves.


Directed by Gregor Sinclair

Produced by Hannah Gillett

Auditions for this show have closed.
Price: £3 on the door!

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