Below is a list of common questions you might have about our Drama Society. If you have any questions that are not covered here, please feel free to contact us through any of our channels (email is probably the quickest method).


Anything related to the practicalities of putting on a show is covered in our guide How to put on a show. If you are wondering about Socials, Workshops, Volunteering or New Writing, please see their respective pages.


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General & Membership

You can find an overview of the UCLU Drama Society activities here. For more specific information about any of our events or activities, please explore the website or contact us.
The easiest way to join is to purchase a membership (currently £10 a year) on the UCLU website.


Alternatively, the Clubs and Societies Centre or CSC (found on the 2nd floor of the Bloomsbury Building) sells memberships throughout ‘Joining Fortnight’. Find out more here.


You can purchase a membership at any time during the academic year – just bear in mind you will get the best value from your membership if you purchase it right at the beginning of the year.

In short, yes. After the “Look, Try, Join” period (Freshers’ Week and the subsequent four weeks) is over, you will need to buy a membership to take part in any of the society’s activities. This includes participating in shows and volunteering. 
With your membership, you can:


  • Take part in our 20+ shows throughout the year as a director, producer, writer or actor – or all of the above!
  • Attend free weekly workshops (and Masterclasses) to experiment and improve your dramatic skills
  • Help out in the community by volunteering with schools and vulnerable groups
  • Make plenty of new friends in our weekly organised socials
  • Access our online job board to help you secure external theatre work.

For a more detailed overview of our society activities, see the About our Society page.

Yes. Our memberships last till the end of the current academic year.


E.g. if you buy your membership in the last month of Term 3, your membership does not carry over into the next year – it ends after a month.

Yes you can! Our society caters to people of all ability levels and experience.


The best thing you can do is to get stuck in with our Weekly Workshops or audition for our shows! If you feel like giving back, have a go with our volunteering opportunities. If you don’t feel like doing anything remotely theatrical, but simply want to soak up the buzz and meet plenty of interesting new people, swing by our weekly socials.

The easiest way is to join our GroupSpaces group (simply click “Join Us” and register with either your personal or UCL email). This will automatically sign you up to our weekly newsletter which is sent out every Monday. Our newsletter should cover everything going on that week, as well as more important events, dates and deadlines in the future.


Also join our Facebook group! As well as covering everything important, the group is frequently used for urgent updates or last-minute reminders that can’t be covered in the weekly emails.

UCLU Culture Club was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between several of UCLU’s arts societies, including:


  • Comedy Club
  • Dance Society
  • Drama Society
  • Film and TV Society
  • Folk Society
  • Jazz Society
  • Live Music Society
  • Musical Theatre Society
  • Music Society
  • PhotoSoc
  • Voce Gospel Society

Our Society was one of the founding members of UCLU Culture Club and the project won Best Collaboration at last years Arts Colours Awards. For more information, see the UCLU Culture Club website.

Shows & Productions

Step 1: Join the society.

Step 2: Take part in an audition! See when and where the next auditions are (or check our Facebook group).

Step 3: The director will make his/her casting decisions and notify you ASAP via email (normally within 3-4 days) whether you have a role or not.

If you don’t get the part you want in a show, the best thing to do is to keep auditioning! (Ask anyone who has been in the society for a while, they will tell you the same thing.) Ask the director for feedback to see how you can improve your audition for the next show.


Remember: not getting into a show is not the end of the world! Also, if you want to brush up on your skills or just get stuck in with something fun, why not have a go at the weekly workshops?

The best person to approach with this question is probably a director or a fellow actor – every show is different and what constitutes a “good performance” can vary a lot. For now, let us leave you with this.

Plenty! As the year goes on, you will have numerous opportunities to “bid” for shows as a director or producer. UCLU Drama Society regularly secure internal venues (UCL spaces e.g. lecture theatres/seminar rooms) and external venues (professional theatres e.g. Etcetera Theatre in Camden) for productions. Performance time in these spaces is divided into slots across the year and assigned to certain bids (and bidders) based on a committee vote.


Everyone is the society is notified when bidding for a particular venue/slot is opened. You can bid for any particular slot as a director or a producer. If you get the bid, it is then down to you to put your cast and production team together and put on a great show.


The bidding process is explored in detail in our How to put on a show guide.

There certainly are – feel free to approach a director/producer (or a prospective director/producer) offering your abilities!


NOTE: If you are primarily interested in the technical elements of theatre, you might find UCLU Stage Crew Society to be of interest. UCLU Stage Crew manage all the technical aspects behind most performing arts productions, including Musical Theatre and Jazz productions – see their website for more details!

The method for buying tickets varies from show to show – see the Upcoming shows section of the website for more detailed ticket information.


For Bloomsbury Theatre shows, tickets can be purchased online or by calling their box office (02031081000).

If you are not part of the University College London Union (UCLU), you will need to become an Associate/Visiting UCLU member (in addition to purchasing UCLU Drama Society membership) in order to take part in our shows.


For more information, see the UCLU Frequently Asked Questions.

The frequency of shows varies from term to term. Generally speaking, we put on a minimum of 2 Bloomsbury productions a year (one in Term 1, one in Term 2) and at least 2 productions in other venues each term. Having said this, it is customary for the Society to put on plenty more shows than this.


NOTE: Due to complications with the Bloomsbury bidding process last year (2013/14), there will only be ONE UCLU Drama Society Bloomsbury show this year, Henry IV Part 1.

It really depends, but theoretically yes. Factors might include your personal timetable, the amount of time you are expected to commit to roles and the production schedules of the shows themselves. If you do want to be part of more than one show simultaneously, the best course of action is to ask your director or producer whether it is feasible.


The Committee are a group of democratically elected society members who are in charge of organising the activities and development of the Society.


They are here to help you with any Drama Society-related issues! Don’t be afraid to approach any of them them in person if you have any suggestions or questions. Alternatively, if you want to find out more about what they do, or if you are looking for their contact details, see the committee page.

During Term 2 of every year, we hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the society that is attended by all society members. If you wish to become part of the committee for the next academic year, you must submit your application ahead of the AGM (members will be notified by email when positions are opened). At the AGM, you will have a chance to make a short speech about your suitability for the role and plans you have for the coming year; members will then elect the person they wish to fill each committee position.


The new committee is “sworn in” in August before the next academic year begins.

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