Drama Society Committee 2015/16


The Committee are a group of democratically elected society members who are in charge of organising the activities and development of the Society. They are here to help you with any Drama Society-related issues! Don’t be afraid to approach any of them them in person if you have any suggestions or questions.

PRESIDENT – Matt Aldridge



DEGREE: Biochemistry

EMAIL: matthew.aldridge.14@ucl.ac.uk


Hi, I’m Matt, a Biochemist from Newcastle. As president my role is to organise the society as a whole, represent all our members to the Union and, with the help of the committee, guide us through another fantastic year for Drama! I’ve always been passionate about theatre and last year I was involved on the acting side in Henry IV Part 1 in the Bloomsbury and The Jabberwocky, one of our Edinburgh Fringe productions as well as the Culture Club Festival and a directing cameo. I can invariably be found on Tuesday nights in Phineas and if you get me talking about rugby or pies we’ll get along just fine. I really hope you all have a great time with Drama Soc, so if you’re an actor, producer, writer or director (or just want to be a member of UCL’s best society), I can’t wait to work together!

TREASURER – Matt Neubauer



DEGREE: Mathematics

EMAIL: matthew.neubauer.14@ucl.ac.uk


Hi! My name is (also) Matt, and I am this year’s treasurer. This puts me in charge of all the society’s income and expenditure, and the vast majority of our spreadsheets. This means allocating the society’s funds and signing off on all individual payments; it also means looking for new sources of income for the society, and ensuring all of our money eventually ends up in our bank account. I am a second year Maths student. In my first year I was mostly involved in the acting side of the society, performing in the years first and last performances – Two, a Freshers’ Play, and The Jabberwocky, one of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe productions. I look forward to get to know you all this year!

SECRETARY – Jack Tivey



DEGREE: Ancient History

EMAIL: jack.tivey.13@ucl.ac.uk


Greetings, my name is Jack and I shall be the Secretary for this year. I’ve only ever participated in a performing capacity, recently having been in “Much Ado About Nothing” in the Quad, and Henry IV part 1. My dream is to bring some panache to this largely administrative role, combining glory and utility to create a position worthy of a big bronze commemorative plaque at the end.




DEGREE: English Literature

EMAIL: josie.charles.13@ucl.ac.uk


I’m Josie and I’m the ‘Show Coordinator’ which basically means I am the go-between for the Society’s productions and the committee. So, if you decide to put on a show, I’ll be the person who sits you down and explains to you the complicated science of audition e-mail etiquette, and if you’re performing in a show you might see me lurking around rehearsals; don’t worry, I’m probably meant to be there. This year is my final one at university, and I plan on squeezing in as much Drama as is physically possible whilst not failing horribly at what I’m actually paying £27,000 to study; English. So, if you see me at 3AM in the library crying over a Jacobean manuscript, you’ll know I’ve got the balance just right. I expect you all to be there with me when you too have the shattering realisation that you spend more time rehearsing than you do sleeping. Welcome to Drama Society!



DEGREE: English Literature

EMAIL: benjamin.teare.14@ucl.ac.uk


I’m currently in my second year studying English. Before joining the society, I hadn’t been involved in any theatre since secondary school. Last year however I got to be in several great productions, having attended the workshops from the beginning of the year. Being a part of this society has made me realise that i have a love for performing, and going to the workshops has given me the confidence and encouragement to do so. As workshop leader this year, I hope to encourage new actors to take part in the society – because I realise that it can be hard to go straight out and perform in a show. There is so much experience in this society that I believe the workshops are a great place for us to learn from each other.




DEGREE: Neuroscience

EMAIL: charlotte.holtum.14@ucl.ac.uk


Hey I’m Charlotte a second year neuroscientist – welcome to the best society in UCL! My job is to find us venues for productions so if you have any crazy visions come and have a chat and I’ll do my best to find you spaces for it! If I were to give any advice it would be to suggest giving up on your degree now… Drama is much more fun!

SOCIAL SECRETARY – Charlie Crossley



DEGREE: Modern Languages

EMAIL: charles.crossley.14@ucl.ac.uk


Why hello there! I am Charlie and I shall be your Social Secretary for the year. I am a second-year student studying Spanish and Portuguese and I am incredibly excited about what is to come in the next twelve months. My main role is to organise events and socials for the Society. These will include our weekly socials at Phineas on Tuesdays, and also seeing theatrical works both internally at UCL and externally at other theatres around London. Apart from that my job is to simply make sure that you all have the best possible time in our wonderful society!




DEGREE: Ancient World

EMAIL: sally.farrant.14@ucl.ac.uk


Hello! My name is Sally and I am a second year Ancient World student. I am very excited to take the role of this years Volunteer Co-Ordinator. I am hoping to fill the year with exciting Volunteering opportunities for everyone to get involved with. I’d love to hear from any of you if you want to get involved or have any ideas. My favourite production I was in last year was CowsDrinkMilk which was a comedy sketch show – it was so fun! It also explains my alarming picture… I can reassure you that’s milk on my face.




DEGREE: English Literature

EMAIL: phoebe.benfield.14@ucl.ac.uk


Hey there, I’m Phoebe, a second year English Literature student and the New Writing Coordinator. As someone with no acting credentials (no really, I cannot act at all), I find myself more comfortable in the writing and directing side of things in the Drama society, and hope to find many more of you out there (although obviously the multi-talented actors and writers are welcome – just don’t rub it in our faces). In my first year I was involved in the directing of two short plays, and this year I hope to draw the original writing talent out of the UCL students. You’ll probably be able to find me somewhere around the English department staring blankly into a book, wondering why I’m doing my degree…




DEGREE: History

EMAIL: james.cassir.13@ucl.ac.uk


Hello everyone, I’m James, a third-year History student – and your Publicity Officer for this year! My responsibilities for 2015/2016 are centred around managing the society’s public appearance and helping its productions receive enough in the way of creative advertising. To put it more simply: I am the poster boy of the society. Whether you need help designing eye-catching propaganda, or just need advice on how to promote your next niche adaptation of that play by that blind Romanian playwright you swear you’ve always looked up to (yes, even since before A-Level English), please do come and have a chat. Because if I’m not designing infographics or photoshopping our Treasurer on social media for Tuesday Phineas Socials, I’ll probably be making posters of myself in historical parodies of modern films.







The Freshers’ Representative will be elected at the EGM – date TBC. If you’re new to UCL and the society then running for Freshers’ Rep is a great way to get involved and learn about the society whilst improving the experience for your peers. If you want to know more information, come to the Drama Society welcome meeting on the 4th of October or talk to either Josie or Matt Aldridge, who were both Freshers’ Reps in their first years.

UCLU Drama SocietyDrama Society Committee (2015-2016)